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                        I had an interesting day Thursday. You know, October 26th the day of the Playstation 2 release. I, in my own stupidity didn't preorder one. This was my first mistake. My second was thinking I could get one on release day. I was at SEARS early with about 8 others. But unknowing to us is that outside of sears was about fifty or so people waiting to get in.. When they pulled the doors up, pure madness!!! I say a women fall down an escalator, an eleven year old being elbowed in the face, and a sue happy boyfriend. This was it. I have seen people at there worst in public. I never have been to something like this. Besides the point that I didn't get one, it was what I went through not to get one. I was repeatedly slapped in the back of my head because some women behind me thought is was rude to shove. I bring up the point that I wasn't, the damn security kept pushing me back. While waiting for the doors to open, I heard that at best buy, the police was called. Damn!!! Now I know why girls get so excited at Ricky Martin concerts, And how those people outside of the TRL building feel each day. What is it that drives us to become so, so? So crazy when faced with a situation? I know that running into the store like that was stupid, but I was caught up. I couldn't help it. The rush of competition ran over me. Engulfed me into the crowd movement. It was once said that a person is not dangerous, people are as a group. I think that when people in a group, they lose sight of what's important. The everyday restraints of life keep us from being aggressive. And when a opportunity provides itself to release that unused energy, we take it. All locked up emotions become released. In this we become a mass, a mob that can't be controlled or predicted. We fall back to our animal thoughts, as this I mean only what is important presents itself. It's strange, we feel we're evolved and civilized. But as soon as we can release ourselves, we forget the last 4 million years. Under threat, those people in line at sears wouldn't let down. Competition! is the name of the game. It's foolish to blame game for shootings, music for behavior, and TV for sex. We were going to do all those things anyway, we don't need outside influences to tell us what to do! There have out lashes in schools as long as schools have been around. The fact is only now ere noticing what the children are doing because of guns. Children have always done stupid shit. I feel its the parents job to make children aware of what the consequences are. Well, I delve into that some other time. The fact is were not all perfect people who know how to control ourselves. We lose control sometimes. And I wish it wouldn't happen in events like this... I pre ordered a PS2 from KB, So I'm OK.... LOL

The whole Napster issue,
I personally use napster, but for this article I'll try not to be bias on the issue.
Napster if you don't know is a computer search engine which you can download and use to search for almost any song made. They don't have you pay any charges or such. The thing is lately the drummer of Metallica and others such as DR Dre have protested this. Outlandish claims that napster steal the money from music artist and producers. Lars form Metallica has estimated a 300 million dollar loss due to napster use. Napster creator Shawn Fanning claims it's simply not true. he has said that Napster is a tool for new unknown artist to make there mark. This has been shown as in cases with such new artist as Elwood, and July Church. The case of Napster was even brought all the way to the supreme court. The ruling was that Napster was causing losses, and that it was committing piracy. The ruling was have napster shut down. But thankfully for Shawn his appeal of the ruling came through in the nick of time. Later court dates are sometime this month. Ok, there's no nice way of saying this thought but, I call it greed. Metallica is now demonstrating pure greed. If your a begging artist, you don't care where your next gig comes from. If you have a salary of multi millions, do you care some kids in college are downloading your hit for free. What I mean is that, in college you don't know when your next meal is! So is it fare to charge a college kid 10 to 20 dollars for a few songs? I don't think so. 20 million people use napster to date. Majority are in the college years. More people use napster then hotmail! Something must be right about. Who hasn't ever copied a song of the radio or something to a tape and gave it to your friend. Well, I have!
I hope napster wins in the long run. It is not stealing! Stealing is the act of taking something that isn't yours without permission. If someone uploads a song from me, they have all my permission. As so for everybody else on Napster. We not selling it so where's the crime?
I think poster boy Lars has finally sold out. So as everybody else thinking that napster is wrong!
College kids have enough to worry about then how much a mediocre album is. Like recently I bought the new Korn Album: Issues. The whole Album seems to sound the same. I don't need to by a whole album for it's couple of good songs. I could have gotten the songs for free on Napster and save seventeen dollars. If a artist is good enough your not going to spend all day downloading it. Your going to buy it...
Plus it's fun burning a CD with your moms favorite songs and giving it to her for mothers day. Also I should point out most of the songs I download are soundtracks for shows or games. all of which I can not find anywhere around here. So I see it as a good thing.
One last thing. As soon as the government starts regulating the Internet, we should watch at what else they do on the Internet. Watch out where you surf! Don't need regulations on free knowledge.
Any comments? Any suggestions? Contact me!