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Update: 02/05/01: Well, in my search to make a great artistic page, for absolutely no money of course! I have finished the Eternity Engine's E-mail account: Progeny mail. Based loosely around the ship crafted from FLUX series, you can have an e-mail account here, and enjoy the fruits of labor. The login and sign up page is below,!!! Next on my list, a few new pieces of artwork are now added to the new art section. And after going through months of negations, and bargaining, me and Mushroom Man have struck a deal. I will be creating mushroom mans first comic strip: "The Mushrooms day off "... Featuring both Mushroom man and Captain Ziggy, you can expect to see it by the end of the month. Ouch, cattle prod... Oh and birthdays to Halstead,...

Update:     01/22/01: FLUX section has been added introducing the ideas behind my upcoming comic series. Plus some new stuff all around, Enjoy!                                        
  Welcome friends.!!! (And to those you aren't my friends, beware, I have a stick!! I may or may not shack it at you!) So what's new I ask myself? Oh, Some nice Pics In the New Art Page, and a review, poem(fall),  and alot of little things around here somewhere.  (Some cool new wallpapers at downloads!!)
    Oh, really important!!! I have a comic series in the works somewhere. The Online comic series panned to Debut sometime late this year, will feature the dubious adventures of Laneel,  a warrior in space, plus her companions who are along for the  Journey.  More information will appear later on this site, some may already be accessed at the Flux Mini-Site, it can be found in the links page!! Look above!!!!!!!!  
  **Quick notes I should point out... 1) Go! wicks!! I'm here for you!!!
                                                                   2) Happy birthday to Martin L. King!!!                                                  

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