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Need to know news
  Some need to know news:                

                            On the subject of the government. I feel I should let you all know some things about "Them." I say this not as rumors, but as actual information that's been proven. First about money. Money doesn't have actual worth. It's not that says you have money reserved in the government's federal reserve. To this I add about the symbols on the bill. Ever notice the pyramid with the eye? That symbol is of the Masons. The masons are an old group of people who hold ancient secrets. There the same groups behind the original alchemy, and sand scripts. To my next issue of money business, the infamous string. You've seen it! The line in the bill that held up to light become visible. If you have ever looked at the string, you'll notice the ink on the string is metallic. The ink is made of a special isotope that is easily detected by standard medal detectors.
So every time you walk through a medal detector, or the hand held detectors know how money you carry. If you carry more then 10,000 dollars, an alarm goes of in the security room, and they'll stop you and interrogate you. If not an overnight stay, they'll make you pay taxes. Pentium 3 tracks your web browsing, and reports it to the government mainframe. The have a 3 acre computer mainframe for tracking all online searching. Any key words like bomb, president, nuclear weapons, and etc.. All get tracked in this massive mainframe. Scary!!
Why do we have new designed dollar bills? Not for counterfeit reasons. For drug reasons. The new money is being tracked through several methods for illegal drug use. All the money in drug trafficking is old money, from before the money tracking system. This way controlled money release is racked, this way the can tax the illegal drug trafficking. Strange?! And, um? What else...?? And oh, the mob killed Marilyn Monroe. That's it. Have to let you know for your well own being.

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