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           Princess Mononoke
Starring Gillian Andersan Billy bob thornton Claire Danes Minnie Driver Jada Pinkett Smith.

What happens when you put together Hayao Miyazuki with some of the greatest actors of our time? A great epic Movie. Set in the ancient times of our civilization where gods and people lived side by side. A warrior named Ashitaka (Billy Crudup) is inflicted with a curse which will kill him if he doesn't find a cure for it soon. So he travels west where he becomes involved in a battle between the iron workers and the forests spirits led by the namely Princess mononoke (Danes). Raised by wolf gods princess mononoke or rather San has a cool bitter sweet conflict with Ashitaka as her quest for Lady Eboshi (Driver). A struggle not between evil and good, but the struggle of people, man Vs Nature with both sides Having reasons... Great stuff!
If there's a movie for each Genre which helps define it, Princess Mononoke is the one for animated films...
The animations in this one is purely fantastic, you can hate Anime and still love this movie!!!   The sound, the plot, writing all superb!!!!! Anyone should see this movie.. Children and adults alike.. But I think I'll recommend it for adults more then children anyhow, it's that good of a movie.! The DVD version is as stupendous. The DVD contains a nice mix of Featurette and trailers. There could have been more Extras though, but the ability of watching the jap version subtitled or dubbed is awesome!! On DVD the picture is quite clear, but a little lacking.... Altogether it stacks a Nine out of ten.....
9/10 on DVD.. The DVD was lacking a little but still a great movie. Small replay value.
5/5 on VHS... Video is video and this one hauls some serious ass!!!!!...

Parasite Eve 2:

Yes I review games, I reviewing Squarsoft's sequel to the hit Parasite Eve. Parasite eve starring the young Aye Brea of the ex- NYPD position. The sequel improved on several flaws form the last one. Instead of the more RPG inspired fighting from the first one, this ones is more action based. You can choose most of the time to enter battles. These battles take place in California and the Nevada desert. PE2 takes place three years after the first one, after becoming part of La's M.I.S.T. No not the look and click pointlessly game for the PC, Mitochondria investigation and suppression team. Apparently the buggers from the first one survived and ended up in California. Well, being part of mist she starts finding out about her past, and a secret government plan for something insidious. She comes in contact with Kyle, a guy who seems to be up to something. Like the first one, you gain experience from each battle. This experience can be used to "Revive," her P.E. (parasite energy) from the prequel. Of course this is awkward because she has new powers, and lost old ones. It seems they left out the coolest power: Liberation to be revived. Also from each battle she receives Bounty points. These can be used throughout the game to buy weapon, ammo, armor, and etc..
The variety of weapons, and weapons upgrades is decent. gives you something to do between bosses. The bosses in this game are fairly even, compared to the normal enemies. Due to the scarce save points, fighting the damn bats or dog-people and dying can get annoying. I had no real trouble in fights except for a few exceptions. Puzzles here mimic that of Resident Evil, among other things. Most are logic based, except for a few that seemed unrelated to anything. If you happen to beat the game you come upon extra modes. These modes include: bounty, scavenger, replay, and even Nightmare mode for the fanatics. Each carrying a distinction of the normal game. If you play enough you become able to buy the Gunblade. The Gunblade is that of Final Fantasy's Squall's. This weapon is my favorite as it looks awesome and kills enemies rather quickly. It takes shotgun rounds, this shot as you slash can deliver a very deadly blow. There's other secrete weapons, but if I told you them, I'd ruin the fun! A last Item I must report is the amazing graphics in this game. Especially the shower scene!Overall the annoying thing of the game which made it hard is the controls. They are of the same caliber of Resident Evil's. This is one characteristic which Squarsoft made a mistake adding. But eventually, as with most control systems you get use to it.
So the round up:
It's better then the first one, but has some tweaks which it needs to work out. Variety of weapons and secret modes make replay value pretty high. Plus slashing/shooting a neomitachondira creature is Damn Fun!
Stats out of ten
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Controls: 5
Story/plot: 7
Replay: 7
secrets/cheats: 9
OVERALL: 8 ??t of ten

Type: Action/RPG Publisher: Squarsoft Players: 1 Discs: 1 Supports: Dual shock, Memory card

Keeping the faith:

I loved this movie. It was able to combined the funniness of a priest and a rabbi being friends, with a funny love triangle. Jake (Ben Stiller) and Brian (Edward Norton, the bastard!) are old friends who both are the extremes of religion, who re discover an old friend. Both live in New York City, balancing church duties with a dream catholic/Jewish karaoke bar. When they were younger, they both were great friends with Anna (Jenna Elfman) who moved away in the eight grade leaving them behind. Well, she shows up like twenty years later for work. And the love triangle ensues of course. She falls in love with Jake, who needs to be married to Jewish girl in six months. But father Brian realizes he loves Jenna, but no one cares about him.. This all takes place while the two try to rattle a few cages at there places of worship. So they become pretty popular around NYC as you would expect. Jake would live with Jenna, except his mother would disown him like his brother who also fell in love with a catholic. The whole story is told in a casually funny manner, you know jokes are stuck in everywhere. This is what probably makes the movie very good, it balances a strange emotional love triangle, with comedic value of the Catholics and Jews.. It all played out well with Ms. Darma. The movie is directed by Edward Norton himself, so as you can expect it allows for a good movie. "Keeping the Faith," is a movie you should see at least once, probably a stay at home movie.
Out of ten it rates with me a eight. It's a hefty 128 minutes long with a rated PG13 kicker.
Why is Edward Norton a bastard? Because he's going out with Selma!
Favorite Quotes:
Brain: I heard the middle east is nice this time of the year?
Jake's date: Not if your Kurdish!