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Some short News and rumors....
Well, I have no real topic for an article this week, but I will talk about some recent news and rumors. I'll start off with the news that Dan Akyroyd of the original Ghostbuster has said the movies are "Dead." This comes to a shock to many of us who heard about a filming of a second sequel. Other members of the old movies had said that they have no parts in any new Ghostbuster movie. Also heard on the Internet is that William B. Davis (cancer man) will reappear on X-files on the new season even though he died in the last season. Rumors also state that David Duchovny will appear in that episode too. Davis told reporters that they will appear either live or dead, but not in a flashback or dream. Something to look forward to.
Something else has me excited. It appears that Russell Crowe is being asked to be superman in the Superman sequel. The movie will be base on a previously abandoned script of Kevin Smith, the man who created the great comedy Dogma. I love all of Kevin Smith's movies, so seeing a superman movie written by him is exciting. On the other hand Brad Pitt has been asked to play Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman movie. The new Batman movie reportedly takes place before the other movies when Bruce comes back to Gothem to avenge his parents death. The director of the Sundance hit Pi, will be directing this one. So it seems will refrain from the stupid asinine recent Batman movies to a dark sinister Batman who's filled with anger.
That's great, finally a good Batman sequel.

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