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Past Stories
"How long have you been in here?"
"Around twenty years, oh I forgot you are new to the project," the scientist told the new guy. "So what's your name kid?"
"Allan, Allan J. Winston," replied Allan.
"Hello Allan, my name is Dr. Hiroshima," said Dr., Hiroshima as he shook Allan's hand.
"This is the largest facility in north Japan, four hundred square feet of solid concrete and steel. We utilizes the most advance medial technology and edge braking computers. Everything from the toilet you use, to the electric fences are controlled by a single super computer. Forty of the worlds top scientist are working here, as are the worlds most acclaimed archeologists So in this 4 billion dollar project, what do you do?" Asked Dr. Horishmea.
" Well I'm a computer engineer in project: Evergreen."
"Is that the project of developing super artificial intelligent computers for warfare strategies?"
"Yes, But I was pulled from the project to work here. You have any Idea why?"
"They haven't told you yet? Ha, you'll find yet soon enough."
"I guess so, a matter a fact I have to go to the control room in five minutes. It was nice meeting you,"
"Same here, We'll talk later all right?" Asked Dr. Horishmea.
"Sure, I have to go. See you later."
"OK then, Oh one more thing, don't drink the coffee in the cafeteria, it'll kill you faster then Jade," said Dr. Horishmea jokingly.
"Oh never mind go!"
" I'm going, oh and I'm twenty seven, so don't call me Kid!" Said Allan as he entered the elevator.
"Sorry, later tiger!" Yelled back Dr. Horishmea as the elevator closed.

It was now fifteen hundred hours. The debriefing lasted for four hours leaving Allan drained. It was the length of the meeting that killed his gumption is was what he was told. He was informed that around thirty years ago during a escavation in North China, they found a strange tomb. Within the tomb was what they thought was a statue of women to be made completely out of jade. When they tried to remove the artifact, they were shocked to find the statue had a heart beat. It was transported directly to Japan before the Chinese government could find out. After they delivered it to Japanese scientist, the statue sprung to life proclaiming it's purpose in ancient Chinese. After many years of translation they learned that she was somewhere around ten thousand, five hundred years old. This stunned the Japanese as this means she was older then most civilization She would also later reveal that she had a power to shape her body in almost any form. But the draw back to her power was that she would stay made of the precious stone jade in any form. Due to her violent and unpredictable behavior, she was sealed of in a room within a Japanese research base. Since then they have banded with several other nations, and teamed up with scientist to find out where she's from, her purpose and how to her incorporate her ability in warfare. This all shocked Allan, because they wanted him to find out if she is a sentient being, and not some merely reactive machine from somewhere unknown.
After the briefing he was shown his quarters while he worked there. This was a lot for him to take in, in his current new work schedule. To find out some details before he went to work. So he caught up with Dr. Horishmea in the research lab.
"Hey doctor," said Allan.
"Hey Al, did they lay it on you?" Asked Dr. Horishmea excitedly.
"Yeah, they did. I would have never of thought."
"He, that's what everyone says the first time."
"Where did she come from?" Asked Allan.
"My guess is she's from outer space or something. I say this because it appears she predates all known civilizations. Also she was able to switch off for thousand of years. Plus her ability!"
"How can she do those things with her body?"
"Well, we think it some sort of nanotechnology. You know tiny machines the size of cells, being able to change shape as directed. Fascinating stuff I think. Way beyond our time," said the doctor as his voice lightly faded.
"Interesting, but does the Chinese government?"
"Ha, no. Do to there communistic system, the US thought it good idea to not let them in. But it seems like it didn't work though," said Dr. Horishmea as sipped some coffee.
"What do mean? They know?" Asked Allan distressed.
"Sure, you know leaks. But they won't demand access to this facility due to fear of embarrassment. There too proud."
"Too proud?"
"Yeah, by admitting Japan has her, they would be publicly be saying that anyone can go in and steal a ancient artifact of this magnitude without them knowing. Also the trade agreements between Taiwan and China would be compromised."
"Holy, this is hot stuff."
"As hot as it gets. I'll show her to you," whispered Dr. Horismea.
"Sure let me see her!" Said Allan.
Dr. Horishmea got out of his chair and approached the blank gray wall. While he sipped his coffee, he entered a code into a before unseen panel on the wall. As soon has his stopped sipping his coffee, the wall opened to reveal a shower of a green light. Under the wall was about seven inches of Plexiglas which was illuminated by green lights within the secrete room. As soon as the bright lights faded Allan approached the glass and peered inside. What he saw amazed him. The window he looked through was about thirty feet up and quite thick. The room was filled with an assorted amount of plants as well as small ponds. In the far corner he could see a Japanese style bedding and sink. No visible entrance from where he stood. The room filled with splattering green light from above. It was unsettling that everything was contained in one incredibly large room. To his disappointment he could see no green women walking the plants.
"I don't see her!" Said Allan to Dr. Horishmea.
"Look up in the far right pond, you see that large shiny green stone?" Asked the doctor.
"Well, that's her in the flesh, sorta. When she get upset, she forms into a builder to mess with us."
"Interesting, is she dead?" Asked Allan.
"No, dear god no. She's just like that all the time, every once and awhile she'll change shape. Hey come on, I need you to do something."
"Sure, what?"
Dr. Horishmea motioned to a door in the room. They entered and adjacent room which was a stairwell. The doctor led Allan to a single room which the stairwell led into. In the room was a large bolted door next to a keypad. Dr. Hroshmea walked to the keypad and entered a series of numbers.
"Here I need you to go in and set the alarm system. The code is two, five, zero, and one. Then press enter when I say so. We have to press at the same time so it locks in. Then press open to get out."
"Alight," said Allan as the large padded door opened automatically.
"Here go ahead, I'll tell you when to press the enter key over the speaker from the research room."
Allan entered the room as the door closed behind him. Once the door closed, the room lit red. As quick as it turned red a door opened in front of him. Green light mixed with the red to form pleasant shades of yellow and orange. He was awed by the intensity of the clashing lights. He walked through the second door looking around him for the keypad. Before both of his feet could touch the ground the door behind him closed. The sounds of clanking metal range from the wall. "Shit, it's locking!"
He ran to the keypad next to the door and pressed the open key. Each press was unsuccessful.
Panicking he looked over to the large Plexiglas window where he could see Dr. Horismea.
"Hey, open the door!" He screamed. He could see the doctor lean over to a wireless microphone.
"Don't panic it should be safe in there," said Dr. Horishmea over a loudspeaker.
"What do you mean? What's going on?" Asked Allan frantically.
"I should tell you in about a thirty minutes, Chinese military will cease this facility."
"What? Why?" Yelled Allan
"I've been here too damn long Al, I'm tired. I accepted a proposition from China. I want out. I think you should be sake in there. Assuming Jade doesn't kill you," said Dr. Horishmea as instantly turned to see the large green stone over to his far right.
"One thing though, when the troops get in, I say hide or they will kill you. Good bye!" said the doctor as he left from view.
"Wait, No! Don't do this!" he yelled to the vacant room in hope for a response.
"Oh please not on the first day, I don't need this," said Allan as he fell to his knees and laid back on the cold metal door.
He would sit there for about fifteen minutes considering his options before a far sound caught his ear. He looked up to see where it came from. The thought of Jade jolted through his head as he turned to see the green boulder, to his surprise it was gone. Panic set in as he rose from the floor. Allan awkwardly looked beyond the ferns and grass for Jade.
"Oh shit, where is she? She's going to kill me, I know it! This only happens to me, to me!
I'm going to get killed by an ancient piece of stone from outer space. Just my luck."
He looked around for her as he timidly walks into the dense foliage. Pealing away the layers of ferns a glisten of light caught his eye. A women figure standing at six feet stood in front of the wall with the window. She had strands of hair which seemed to made of individual glass fibers. Her figure mimicked that of jade plated bowls he once saw in a museum. She turned to him slowly and spoke: " They will be here soon. They won't let you live. They want me. I can sense there weapons. So you people have finally created a deadly projectile device."
He stepped over the plants to a small clearing.
"You can speak English?" Asked Allan hesitantly.
"It seems so doesn't it. From the countless times you people prodded and tormented me, you think I would pick up some English right?" Asked the jade women.
"I guess, who are you?"
"Names are inconsequential. But if you must know before you die, it's Eperasimal. You can call me Jade, since that's what everyone else calls me."
"Where are you from?"
"Another Earth. One sperate and better then this one. A place where real civilized people live. They know how to treat the different."
"Why are you here?"
"original I was here to study your kind in it's prime. The age where humans were obsessed with bettering themselves. They welcomed my. I was in accident where I was almost killed. They assumed I was dead and buried me in a tomb. When I awoke I was unable to open to heavy tomb cover. So I slept."
"Wait, our prime? There wasn't even stable civilization then," said Allan as he watched Jade approach him.
"Why is it that you people always assume your ancestors are stupid. Ten thousand years ago the great Kline people built the pyramids and the sphinx in Egypt."
"No, there only four thousand years old!"
"No, what you test to be four thousand years old is the restorations by the pharoes. what you called the Egyptians, are scavengers who built there city upon the old. You will later find out this to be true. Well, not you. Your going to die in a few minute. Do you know what Jade means to the chinese? It's a symbol of eternal life.."
"You're going to kill me?" He was afraid to ask her.
"No, the Chinese army troops wil shoot you 5 time in the chest and once in the head."
"How do you know all this?"
"Thoughts can transcend time and space, I merely see the events as they unfold. As a conciliation I should tell you I envy you."
"Envy me?"
"Sure. You have a clean soul, untarnished my war and death. you have the luxury of not knowing the things I know. Your ignorance is envious."
" I can't believe I'm going to die, the doctor said,...."
"The doctor lied. They will kill you and take me. Your lucky. I also envy you in that respect."
"I can't die, what about my family?
"Who are they?"
"Here," said Allan as he pulled his leather wallet from his back pocket and ruffled through his money to his picture of his wife and daughter. He handed the picture to Jade.
"Nice wallet, new?"
"Yeah, just bought it in New York, wait about my family?"
"They also have good souls. Your wife will remarry in two years, your daughter will also live a good life. Except in a few years she will be in a car accident. She'll survive, but her drunk driving friend dies. Sending her into a depression. But she'll snap out of it and be a lawyer."
"Don't threat she does it for companionship."
"Well, are the happy at least?"
"Yes, I'd say so."
"That's good. Thank you."
"Don't thank me. turn around!"
He turned his head to see two men in a military uniform. Allan's face became whit as a pain ripped through his chest. A second blistering pain seared his abdomen, followed three more. The shattering sound of gun shots slammed into his head. He looked at his ands covered in blood. Slowly lifting his head up just as a sixth bullet flew between his eye's. As quick as things began, everything was black. -neoezkiel