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  Character Profiles:     Laneel    Jack    Decruid    Mokla   Weslie
                                                                                                                                      FLUX Artwork:

flux \"fl?ks\ n 1 : an act of flowing 2 : a state of continuous change 3 : a substance used to aid in fusing metals          (Oh, so that's what it means..hmm.)

              " Before we can remember the future, we have to understand our origins, for we are in continuous change!"
                   FLUX, what is FLUX? Flux is a story about a relatively young women named Laneel who has befallen herself into a predicament. What was a  generally routine mission to sabotage a  research facility, was devastated by a Crotion ambush. The ambush would kill her as well as the entire fleet. After dying, she is revived by an alien life form which bonds and regenerates her left arm that has been sliced off during battle. As if knowing her whole fleet was destroyed wasn't bad enough, she would find that her entire planet was annihilated. The Crotions are responsible again as they wish to take the planets resources. The symbiotic creature bonded to her arm has the ability to regenerate any wounds and damage caused to the body. But what could be in one hand viewed as a great ability, it prevents her from the luxury of death. Moreover, as each time she is saved by the creature, it further takes over more of her body. Not knowing of the symbol's origin or purpose, she embarks to seek out help. Being aided by a Weslie and a Gray Faction member named Poe Edgars, Laneel embarks in search of answers and revenge for her people. At this point before her journey can begin, she is confronted by her soon to be nemesis: Jack. Jack is human/viral hybrid which has  unlimited intelligence and strength. Plus harboring the ability to bend electricity to his will. Armed with a way to create a almost impenetrable layer of a type of silicon, he searches for the last ancient key. Unknowing to Laneel she carries the key,  Jack seeks her out to power a great planetary weapon. Having possession of limited resources and aided with the assistance of her friends, she is in constant battle for her and possibly the universes future. Did I mention she hangs with a little guy named Mokla!!

This comic should be out by the end of the year if all goes well. I should mention at this point that this isn't a separate universe. Their isn't going to be a million aliens which all look human with dirty hair and ugly noses. No, this a modern day universe which coexists with ours. It's all original from here.        

 Boo Ya**

            This one's for you Grandpa!!!