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       Jack                     Jack: 2nd Form


Age (yrs.)
35 (human calendar)
5' 11"
The Subconscious Of Allan
Blood Type
-A  with high concentrations of the C-16 (Black Mind) virus.
The ability to Manipulate Electricity in 2nd form.

 Jack has the ability to change forms. His second form as seen above is when a layer of a type of silicon forms on his skin and acts as a tough layer of skin or rather armor. Through this skin small micro fibers form which can channel flowing electrons (electricity) till his will. Containing himself two small kidney sized fusion batteries of unknown origin, he can use to create large amounts of electricity when called upon. Mastering this ability he became angered at the Treme government. Wishing for their downfall and power, he seeks the planet weapon. The planet weapon is a legend of a planet somewhere which can produce an energy weapon capable of destroying even stars. Having three of the four keys which it takes to operate the planet he seeks Laneel out. Rumored that she carries the key with he knowledge that it is a family heirloom. Without the morals of a stable being, and unlimited intelligents and power, he stops at nothing to take the planet weapon.
   Jack also has uncharted regeneration abilities since his body is saturated with the Black Mind virus. His intelligence stems from a crystalline brain of unknown  origin.

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