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       Poe Edgars Grey faction designation: Decruid

214 (Human Calendar)
 6' 1"
April 11th
Treme home world: Drasoinia
Blood Type
 A B
 S.F.Grey Faction: Protector of Laneel
Faction Staff,    Dragon Trax Blade

 Poe Edgar's or rather Decruid is a top level warrior. He has the intellect and strength that is challenged by no one. Tough and just, he will find jokes in every situation. Mostly kept to himself, he does have a certain amount of social callings. His son Gremin Hedial is an accomplished diplomat for the Treme government. Making Edgars resources quite extensive. After acquiring Laneel, he becomes the captain for the Progeny. Even though he doesn't own the ship, Laneel does not have the skills required to operate. Armed with a Faction Staff,   and the  Dragon Trax Blade, he has vowed to protect Laneel's crew. The faction staff can stun the nervous system f most species for a short amount of time. The Dragon Trax blade's specifics are not known at this time.

Below is a copy of Poe Edgars letter sent to Laneel:

    I am Decruid. I am part of the Treme special forces. Gray faction section 0001.47
My assigned name allocation resides under Poe Edgars, father of Gremin Hedial. I have been specially ordered under specification 92 of Fire Core-Treme peace and trade affair. Under which Treme government becomes solely responsible for any mass attacks on Gavan people by any other race. This code sec has been violated by the Crotion people. I have been systematically ordered to attend to the last of Fire Core Gavan persons. This being Laneel of class: A has been acquired. We regret to inform that Treme government cannot handle the Crotion matter, for it is beyond our help since it's in the councils best interest if we are not pulled into conflict. If Laneel cannot find a suitable home world within 1 standard year, then my help may come indefinite. Till this point in which I will be revealed I will honor my faction rights and protect the last of the Space bearing Gavan. I am full class warrior under Treme law and also have special training in area sec 01. I promise under my Faction right and honor I will protect the Gavan history. I wield a Faction staff , and Dragon Trax blade. Also to mention I am suited in Gray faction suite ware. I hope I will be of service.


A thousand arks set sail,
only the platypus is left behind.
Poor guy!

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