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    Laneel Faustane

Age (yrs.)
 81 (162 human calendar)
 5' 6"
Every Second August 2nd
Gavan home world: Sydionia
Blood Type
Fire Core: Warrior class: Alpha
Trax Bi-blade
Hair Color
 Dark brown
Eye Color
Deep brown to the point of Black.
Laneel unwillingly carries a symbiotic organism on her left arm. The organism gives her the ability to regenerate any sort of wounds. Short of complete vaporization, she does no longer carry the luxury of death with her. The creature also sent small microorganisms which improve her body and it's performance. She no walks with a highly improved body and uncharted regeneration abilities she seeks revenge from Jack and the Crotions. She is given a formable ship by the Treme government for her peoples death as act of restitution. This shipped named the Progeny (meaning child or offspring) is a quite capable ship with very advanced technology. This ship will now serve as the home of Laneel, Decruid, Mokla, and the Weslie. From here her actions are planned.
  A Laneel Short Biography:

 Laneel dresses in a type of royal clothing since she has gained the title of last
space bearing Gavan. Therefore making her inline to hold top position of Fire Core.

        The symbiot resides on her left arm,
            replacing replacing what was left....

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