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Age (yrs.)
 16 (Human Calendar)
4' 5"
December 22
Gavan Home World: Sydionia
Blood Type
Befriended of Laneel
None (natural defenses)

           A Mokogeian with exceptional strength and agility. Even with few tested, Mokla seems to have an high intelligence equal to that level of a young child. Making him easily able to communicate in basic mannerisms. Equipped with a basic thumb structures he can perform many tasks. One his people were used as slaves in salt mines, they were liberated by Treme Government and their people were relocated to Gavan for protection. The Mokogeian tribes are unique as they are intelligent and pretty advanced, they also seem very religious if nothing else. What here exact beliefs are unknown since communication is near to impossible since they seem to rely on a type of telepathy. It is reported by Decruid in his journals that it could be that her symbiot allows for increased psychic reception to oncoming thoughts, giving he some communication. But none of this has been proven yet.
     Mokla can defend himself with retractable claws such like cats, and a very highly evolved sense. Studies have shown their large fur extensions from the snout act as receptors to any stimuli in air. It has been reported that Mokogeian's can sense movement up to several hundreds of feet away, giving them one of the most keen senses of known creatures. Mokogeian's have a life span around 120 years (believed this is due to ability to know what foods are healthy in most conditions).. Considerably long compared to most none speaking creatures. As with traditions in Mokogeian religion, it's customary to protect one who saves their life. In this case Laneel saves Mokla from the death of starvation on Prosemn.

  With a strong muscular structure and heightened sense, he is easily an ideal
 species to have around.

A short Mokla Biography:

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