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Laneel Biography
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        Even though Laneel was born on the Gavan home world, she would spend most of her adult life in space. Laneel's father Drensen left the planet when she was only 14 (Human calendar, for  a Gavan calendar, times the divide the numbers by two). Bewildering memories of her fathers honor, she would always inspire towards a life as a space traveler. Before ever getting of the ground she would meet her future husband Casses. Together hey both lived a life deep within Gavan philosophy mastering the Quantum move techniques. Reportedly living a fulfilling life, she would have a child with Casses at age 99. Being married a mere 52 years and having a 12 year old daughter together, a freak accident would kill her family leaving her lone for her self. At this point she would fall into a deep depression and isolate herself for about two years. Coming out of seclusion, she formally asked her high elders to leave the Gavan home world, and join Fire Core ( Fire Core is a kingdom of Gavans who live off world. They struggle for a home world and trade mainly with the Treme people). Under her recent devastation they would have no second thoughts on giving her the permission and arranging for her trip. Fully aware that once she would leave the home world, she would never be able to return. Armed only with her knowledge and the few momentous of her family, she finally left for Fire Core. When she entered the F.C. She would be immediately accepted due to her fathers reputation. She finds now that her father was an accomplished warrior, someone to inspire to for he was killed in battle some years ago. Laneel decided to follow in his footsteps and she entered the Fire Core's training. Though she had the drive for a Class: Gray faction designation (Top warrior status among the known alien worlds, like that of her fathers rank. Few would ever make it): She never mounts to more then a Fire Core warrior class A ( Though a high ranking none the less, but not looked upon as anything special). Fire core was an Empire set up by off world Gavan's which was located on Prosemn. Prosemn is an earth like planet not too dissimilar from the Gavan home world itself.  Found not too long ago and claimed for Gavan descent, it would be the off world home world for Gavans) But under the veil of peace was the vicious war between the Gavan and the Crotions people. The Crotions are an insect like race who are solely interested in the use of Prosemn's natural resources. Since Earth like planets are highly rare and valuable, the Crotions would continue to battle for the planet with full assault and concentration.
      During a raid on one of Crotions facility bases supposedly holding the elusive virus C-16 (Black Mind) her team is ambushed. What was planned for sabotaging the base would turn into a struggle for survivor. The Crotion forces would completely wipe out the Gavan intruders.  While being attacked Laneel suffered various fatal wounds as well as the loss of her left arm below the elbow. After breathing her dying breath, an unknown species would escape it's container and bond to her amputated arm. Rebuilding her from alien DNA, it repairs all her wounds and revives her from death. Waking from death confused and disoriented she finds her arm was replaced by the alien life form which constantly repairs her body making death a long dream away. Upon returning to Prosemn for help, she finds that the entire population has been killed by viral infection caused by Crotion assault. Devastated she  takes a small craft to the Treme empire to ask for help. The Treme empire told her that it would be impossible to act on the Crotion assault due to peace treaties already in place. For restitution she would be given all the Fire Core's possessions including a highly advanced fighter craft and Specially developed armor and weapons. Plus the last survivor from Prosemn, a Mokogeian named Mokla has taken affection to Laneel and befriends her. According to old Treme laws, the must protect a refugee form a dying population.
    So follow law, she is teamed up with Poe Edgars. (Decruid) And she also eventually meets up with a weslie, who for yet unknown reasons helps Laneel.

sym-bi-o-sis \'sim-'b?-"?-s?s, -b?-\ n, pl -o?ses \-'s?z\ : the living together in close association of two dissimilar organisms esp. when mutually beneficial ? sym?bi?ot?ic \-"?-tik\ adj
prog-e-ny \"pr?-j?-n?\ n, pl -nies : offspring, children, descendants.
DNA \'d?-(')en-"?\ n : any of various nucleic acids that are usu. the molecular basis of heredity and are localized esp. in cell nuclei.