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Decruid Biography
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Born on Treme home world (technically Earth), Poe Edgars lived and studied under Gorga for thirty years,
 at which point started training in Treme space programs. His potential was realized at
 age 122,  and then  he was placed under Josa's eye and learned the ways of
Gray faction. Fought in the twelve game wars and trained in black hole base 01.
One of the most highly prestigious warriors.  Due to classified Faction records not
 much else is known at this time.

Gorga: A Hand to hand combat and school teacher who lives on The Treme Home world
Gremin Hedia: The sun of Poe Edges, he is an accomplished diplomat.
Jose: Jose Grilles is a women who has reached full Faction status and has take the liberty
of helping Poe Edgars develop his abilities. She is also responsible for his code name, Decruid. Reports say there was considerable affection for each other, but nothing is known about the exact extent of their relationship.
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