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Jack's Biography
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Jack was created during a viral infection accident. A man named Allan was infected with  the elusive  Black Mind (Virus also known as C-16. Coined Black Mind because it causes the infected to Have black eyes and lips, as well as filling the victims with thoughts of killing those around them). When Black Mind infects someone it will immediately infect the brain. Allan was a human being who left Earth to peruse a life in the Treme forces. He was prior to being told by the Treme government, had no knowledge his brain was crystalline in nature and not normal gay matter. As the virus enters the brain it copies certain neuron proteins. As it entered Allan's brain, the virus replicated the crystal's structure and mutated. Though the specifics are unknown, it seems the virus mutated to a silicon based single celled life form and continued to infect Allan's blood stream. Leaking into an older part of his sub conscious within his small amounts of gray matter that surrounded the crystalline brain and took root. The virus began to reactivate these older brain structures and in turn created an alter ego. This ego would during sleep take hold of the conscious mind and become it's own personality. The new consciousness called it's self jack to distinguish itself from Allan. Finding he could form a layer of silicon made out of the new virus on the skin, he could control and bend electricity to his will. Learning that his body was not his own and was at mercy of his host, he sought a way out. He found that her clone the host body and clean the DNA and hybrid it with his own virus. To his surprise cloning the body it also grew the crystalline brain and fusion batteries which gave him is uncharted powers. He would program a machine to extract an organ from Allan's body containing his consciousness. Planting into his new body he quickly fled and create an anti viral agent for Allan and injected him with it to stop any further incidents as such. After leaving his whereabouts became unknown as he was reportedly sighted in many areas. After coming out of seclusion, he had a plan to take control of the Treme Empire ( The Treme empire has grown strong and large harboring alliances with many worlds and species, as well as legal control of many space sectors). To do this he sought out a legendary weapon that supposedly was an entire planet. An entire world capable of creating energy which could be directed and shot at any location within millions of light years (Using unknown ancient technologies). In order to do so, he needs the aid of four keys. Each have been scattered across the universe and thought lost forever. But never the less Jack managed to find three of the four keys. Holding the last key, was Laneel who Jack is in constant competition for.