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Mokla Biography
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Mokla is a Mokogeian born on the Gavan home world. After reaching what is called the allocation age, it is believed that the Mokogeian tribe sends the young out into the world. It is supposedly thought that it is an honor among the Mokogeian tribes to start a life as far away from his birth place as possible. The farther, the more honor. So records show Mokla stowing away on a cargo ship and leaving the Gavan home world and traveled to Prosemn. Here he would be taken in by the Sova family and kept as a cleaning animal. Knowing he had to survive he stayed with them till they were killed by C-16. As with everyone else on Prosemn, they all died of viral infection by Black Mind whihc they were unprepared for. Being naturally immune to most viral infections, he was left to fend for his self. Being alone for not two long, he would meet up with Laneel and befriends her. Knowing it was honorable to leave as far as possible, and that Laneel would be responsible for his survival if he traveled with her, he vowed his life to her, as Laneel accepted. Even as Mokogeian don't speak any known form of language, it is also believed that they some psychic abilities. Able to project images into others heads. Why it is honorable to leave their birthplace, is not known. Maybe a family psychic connection exists since as the Mokogeian leaves farther away, more stones are placed at their honored birthplace.  Moreover the chances of finding a mate in space is quite slim, they do seem to find one on a success level of 85%. Staggering considering the amount of distanced traveled by some Mokogeian's. Ever since Mokla has been traveling aside Laneel, many times into battle as well.