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Mushroom Man
Hey, no one has Mushroom yet!! Hint* Hint*

It seems me and the all mighty one, he calls himself has struck a deal. A short lived (thats just putting down the shrooms, no respect i see.)  comic strip featuring me and Ziggy will be arriving to mypage. The comic should be out whenever i can get Daniel of his ass to draw the damn thing.... When i do finally purchase the cattle rod, so get ready for Mushroom Man and Captian ziggy to get into some trouble, Here We Come!!!!!!
Check local internet listings!!

Hey I noticed I'm nowhere to be seen in FLUX. What bull, I'm here sticking out my neck for Danny boy here, and what do get in his new comic series? Nothing, zip, crap...... See this? Who can stand for this? Not me!!!

   This is my longtime friend, Ziggy. (He's a Guinea pig {Cavy} but I don't hold it against him.!!)

I have lived along time, I've seen fire and I've rain. But I never have seen a Monkey with some jelly fish DNA in him!! Now we all know scientists have too much time on their hands..... Geeesh!!!!

All Mushroom Man has to say is: Bush wasn't elected... I won't accept it... No i won't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Oh and Mr. Donnely is robot!!!!, and that he loves his fried chicken.

A thousand arks set sail,
only the platypus is left behind.
Poor guy! ... LOL, now thats funny!!!

shrooms stand

  Hello again everyone! Zephyrus (neoezekiel) made me move to his new site, he threatened me with his old family recipe for mushroom soup his being dying to try out! That blackmailing bastard!! Anyway, I did get better conditions  though. I don't know If  I like this whole blurred black thing of his, but it will due. The picture above is of me as a baby! I was cute before I grew arms and hands right?

   Oh look, I'm getting buff! (Objects may appear bigger then actual size!)

This is a picture of my father Brussels! Intimidating huh?

I will be posting more  tidbits soon, so relax!    But for now, read the oldies!

 I can't believe this!! In my land, voting takes place every month, and we quarrel about it. Why can't they not try to rig it, and pick a president.
What's up with these people!!

I'll find you Hylas!!! And when I do!!    

Stop to smell the roses, but don't stop to touch the thorns!
 Damn, those damn robotic dogs are everywhere!!
I wonder if Mark Hylas is looking?   He he!
"Let the fungi live freely," -Shroom Wallace
Anyway, here something to lighten your day:
All Antifreeze in made in the same plant in the same state in America. Only differences is the color! So buy the cheap kind, it's all good.
Princess Mononoke is a girl who has too much peep!
Bush seems to hate everyone, at least Gore tries to be funny.
George Cloony is a awesome date!
And yes, the do track your money in medal detectors!
Number one isn't always the best, that way theirs room for improvement.
Kevin Sorbo, a space captain? PLEASE!!! Damn WB!
Charlie Sheen V.S. father Sheen in the ring!
Manhattan Survivor, I vote for prostate man to leave!
Bread is good, pork chops is good. either way you eat...!

A man's makeup is a Porsch!
A shroom is neither a plant or animal, it's the king of the fungi kingdom. Dog's mouths are not cleaner then a humans.
Cat's are best for the city.
All you need is love.
IF you measure the length of a river in a strait line form beginning to end. Then measure the actual distance, the ratio of the two to each other is around Pi. (3.14)
<~~ what's up with that? OF course it's the average.
Recent studies have shown plants do make very high pitched sounds when there is something wrong. They also seem to talk to each other. So have a heart, don't order the mushrooms on you next pizza. Order the fish! Fish are stupid.
A goldfish has a memory span of about 3 minutes.
And a bird only sleeps five minutes a day.
We can tell if a serial killer loved his mom or not from a finger print, but no one can explain why we yawn or itch!
Or why a scratches help itches.
Where do camels come from?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll lolly pop?
God has a sense of humor, just look at the platypus.
what do get when you combine a elephant and a rhino?
El-if-inoe... Ha
Hey Case, Dawson(<<~~ Phillie?)
Never underestimate yourself, never give up!
Glasses look good on girls, but not dogs!
Always remember: Free is good, imprisoned is not, but midgets are funny!
It has been proven that your more at risk to have a car accident at 85 then 16! Yet insurance for a teen is murder!
Stress is the worst disease!
Dis<~~ not to, Ease<~~~ comfort of body and mind ???????
A Tarot reader on TV Can't tell you if your drug dealing boyfriend is being watched by the FBI at work!!
All real psychics work for the police! Weird!?!
People that cook mushrooms are sick individuals that need help!
Bush is dyslexic!
-That's all for today-

Come on! Just look at this! Look at this!! It's Insanity! The slaughter of shrooms for "Culinary Delights!"

                               I smuggled these autopsy pictures out of vegie store.. The animals!!

         Hey! Stop licking that mushroom!!

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